■ Visible Invisibility(ポストカード3枚セット)

謎めいた絵にメッセージを添えて、大切なかたに いつもと異なる時空間をお贈りしてみてはいかがでしょうか?

●タイトル:Visible Invisibility
●紙質:美彩紙(ホワイト)209g/m2 / 0.23mm

▶︎ Visible Invisibility 〜 The Magic of Transparency 〜

This piece is one of the artworks created by a mysterious artist. Although his or her signature can be seen on the bottom-right corner, no one has never identified who he or she is; he or she is like an invisible being. When least expected, the artist appears and leave some artworks in front of the door at Crystal Skull’s Studio. Many of this artist’s works have some layers of “visible invisibility”. What does this artwork talk to you?


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