⭐︎ The Daeg Earrings(ノンホールピアス)


●価格: ¥1,234
●色・素材:透明+純銀✨シルバーラメ入り / 樹脂クリップ
●ネイルアーティストRue d’Amour(ルー・ダムール)によるハンドメイド

▶︎ THE DAEG 〜 A change for the better 〜

【ルーン文字DAEG(ダエグ)】:意味=「day(日)」/ 象徴=「達成」

The rune Daeg, which means “day,” symbolizes the fulfillment and achievement. Its shape (like a butterfly tie) represents the beautiful balance between negative and positive polarities; the harmony of both extremes. The Daeg is said to have a power to block the negative energies and bring the positive energies to your life. We hope that the Daeg Earrings will enable you to see the reality in a new light and have a change for the better!


Created by a professional nail artist: Rue d’Amour.
▶︎Nail Salon “Rue d’Amour”(ルー・ダムール)

¥ 1,234

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